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Make your financial life simple with affordable financial planning!

Make your financial life simple with affordable financial planning!

Make your financial life simple with affordable financial planning!Make your financial life simple with affordable financial planning!Make your financial life simple with affordable financial planning!

About Us

Planning Futures

Since 2010, we have helped folks like you  meet their financial goals. Have questions about investments, taxes, retirement, and/or estate planning? We would be glad to help. 

A Proven Approach

Our fee structure is simple. If  we can help you, the fee is $50 an hour. A full blown retirement plan (which we recommend for anyone within 5 years of retirement) is $250. Your age, tolerance for risk, and goals are all considered.

Why Us?

After many years of looking at finances we have come to realize how simple  finances can be. Our goal is to make your financial life as simple as possible, so you can follow what is happening and understand how your finances affect your life now and in the future. And you can count on objective recommendations and guidance with affordable financial planning from us. Know how your retirement will look, before you retire, so you can retire with confidence and financial security.

About JA Girlando Financial Planning

Jim Girlando Bio


 I was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, which is in the northeast  corner of the state.  Some say they can still, after all these years,  detect an East Coast accent. Of course, I do visit relatives there every  summer. Having lived my formative years 17 miles from New York City, I  became a life-long New York Yankees and New York “football” Giants fan.  Hopefully, this won’t deter Broncos and Rockies fans and fans of other  teams from seeking out my professional advice. We can always have some  fun with our team allegiances. 

 My Bachelor of Science degree is in Computer Science (yes they had  computers back then … and punched-card readers too) with a minor in  mathematics. My Master of Arts degree is in Curriculum and  Instruction, which I earned as I was transitioning to being a high school mathematics teacher. 

My Mission

To provide affordable retirement planning to those who wouldn’t normally seek out professional financial help; to enable clients to self-manage all aspects of their finances, de-mystify financial processes, and provide the necessary information to make topics such as saving, taxes, and retirement easy, understandable, and straightforward.


My Financial Planning History

I have been helping friends and colleagues with their financial questions and financial lives for as long as I can remember. After having careers in large computer system sales and as a high school mathematics teacher, I decided it was a good time to “officially” become a financial planner and help every day folks plan for their retirement.

I earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional designation in 2010 to round out my planning skills and thus became a fiduciary for all my clients.

Being a teacher has always been in my heart, so switching careers from sales to teaching was an easy decision. Although I may no longer be formally teaching in the local high schools, the gift of teaching is still with me and I am always applying this ability while helping people with their finances. Along with the affordable retirement plan that I offer to you, I will answer all the financial questions you have in a simple and easy to understand way.



Sue, my beautiful wife, and I have two wonderful adult sons -Stephen and Joshua. Stephen is married to Brooke and they have been blessed with an awesome daughter, named Coraline, our first grandchild and Quentin, an awesome son, our first grandson. Stephen has an EE degree from UCCS and works at Samtec Microelectronics in Colorado Springs. Brooke has a Masters in Psychology and is currently a stay-at-home-Mom. Brooke works  about 10 hours per week heading up the nursery at New Life Downtown. Joshua has purchased a condo in Castle Rock and works in Castle Rock at Aircraft Performance Group.

Founded in 2010, JA Girlando Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Colorado, located in Monument. Jim Girlando, CFPⓇ


Times You Shouldn't Use A Debit Card

  • I'm not a fan of debit cards. If you use one it doesn't establish credit for you like a credit card does.
  • It also (even though your financial institution will probably help you) doesn't offer you the same protections legally.
  • The only time I feel you should use one is if you can't pay off your credit card(s) every month.
  • If you are getting an ATM card, the bank will probably want you to add the debit feature to it (or may not even ask), but you can get just an ATM card, if you ask. It may take longer, but in my estimation it is better. It is what I have.

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